Yes! Deck

Welcome to the Yes! Deck

This handy little deck is packed with activity cards featuring tips, ideas and exercises to accelerate your work and life. The exercises are designed to develop your personal skills or challenge your whole team.

You’ll dive into exercises like:

  • The Elevator Pitch – For You
  • Negotiation through Agreement – For Two
  • Meetings that Matter – For Teams

The Yes! Deck cards enhance your communication, your confidence, your problem-solving ability and your relationships. ImprovEdge gives you their best tips, techniques and exercises in easy-to-use cards developed over years of work and research with Fortune 500 companies. Some of their clients include JPMorgan, Victoria’s Secret and Turner Broadcasting, to name a few.

The Yes! Deck includes:

  • Activities, games and ideas for efficient, fun, and productive meetings
  • Sales tips and strategies for individuals and teams
  • Negotiation exercises to win that next contract
  • Communication skills for work, friends and family
  • Confidence-building exercises
  • Brain teasers to keep you sharp
  • Inspiring quotes and ideas

Who can use the Yes! Deck?

  • Trainers and facilitators who need fresh exercises
  • Managers who want to reward their people in an affordable way
  • Executives who strive to develop their teams
  • HR professionals who want to engage their people
  • Salespeople who want to close and keep clients
  • People in transition who want to sharpen their skills for the next opportunity
  • Professionals who want to improve their profile, communication and network
  • Students who need tips on getting and keeping that first job
  • Anyone who wants new ways to succeed!

Yes! Deck specifications:

  • 29 Durable High-Quality Cards
  • Yes! Deck Features 5″x7″ Cards

Can you improve your interpersonal skills? Yes! Can you challenge your business teams? Yes! Can you get out of your everyday ruts and get unstuck? Yes, by picking up your copy of the Yes! Deck. Available right here for $24.99.

Click here to download three sample Yes! Deck cards.

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