Everyday Coaching Model


Price: $45/Kit — Available with Workshop

Sometimes, people, teams and companies get stuck. Because of a block in communication. That leads to difficulty at work, a loss of productivity, profit and trust. Nervousness, fear or uncertainty often hold us back from having the conversations we know, need to occur.

So consider:

  • You want to accelerate your career. Are you nervous about approaching a busy, high-level mentor?
  • Someone on your team is engaging in problematic behavior. Do you want them to change, while feeling positive about their growth?
  • You have a suggestion for a peer. Are you worried you’ll inadvertently hurt their feelings?

Managing Tough Conversations in Three Simple Steps: The ImprovEdge Everyday Coaching Model can help in all of these circumstances and more. The kit provides a complete guide to effective conversations, worksheets to prepare for tough conversations, and worksheets to guide your conversations. This simple, hands-on tool has been used by managers, employees and high-level leaders not only with their own people, but even with clients. It’s a tool to guide a collaborative conversation that raises awareness and provides support, leading to decisions and actions for positive change.


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