Go With It: Embrace the Unexpected to Drive Change

Go With It: Embrace the Unexpected to Drive Change is culled from decades of working with business innovators. Teams caught up in old patterns of thought and action? With improvisation, they can prepare, play, and think upside down to find new and innovative answers. The author shows how anyone can learn to be more creative, innovative and better at managing change. It just takes flexibility, humor, and focus that’s improv.

“Throughout my career, I’ve managed the unexpected. This book gives anyone great ideas to improvise and be effective.”

– Dan Creekmur, President, Columbia Gas of Ohio, a NiSource Company

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/fz9NCs73ZX4

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Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever: Break the Rules, Make Mistakes, and Win Them Over

One reason public speaking is such a nightmare for so many people is that they think they have to be “perfect.” They drive themselves crazy trying to conform to all sorts of handed-down rules that tie them up in knots and put their audiences to sleep. Karen Hough says you can throw out those rules, relax, be yourself, make “mistakes,” and connect with your audience much more effectively than the guy with the impeccable PowerPoint slides.

“Whether You’re in front of huge crowds or just presenting an update at a table, these tips and techniques are immediately useable.”

– Matthew Jauchius, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Nationwide

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The Improvisation Edge: Secrets to Building Trust and Radical Collaboration at Work

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How critical is trust? In a world that has been rocked by governmental and corporate ethics violations, it is the single most important factor in successful careers and relationships. This book combines over a decade of research and work in the field of improvisational learning and how it builds trust.

Karen Hough explores how the specific behaviors of high-performing improvisers can be ported to any work environment for better trust in relationships, client connections, retention and professional development. Through the use of research, case studies, exercises and stories, “The Improvisation Edge: Secrets to Building Trust and Radical Collaboration at Work” is a book that will give you usable tips and behaviors to put to work immediately.

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Yes! Deck

The deck is divided into four suits, packed with activity cards. You’ll find simple exercises and tips that range from creating an elevator pitch, to negotiating with a client, to getting your team involved in a fabulous and productive meeting. Develop your personal skills, work with a partner, or challenge your entire team. However you cut it, you’ll benefit from getting out from behind your desk, flexing your mind, and looking at your work and life in a whole new way.

“My business depends on helping clients use new knowledge for innovation, so I read lots of books and articles.  I love the format of the Yes! Deck, because it’s very practical, and allows busy people to squeeze in a few minutes of practical learning.”

– Christy Farnbauch, President, Strategic Links

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Everyday Coaching Model

Sometimes, people, teams and companies get stuck. Because of a block in communication. That leads to difficulty at work, a loss of productivity, profit and trust. Nervousness, fear or uncertainty often hold us back from having the conversations we know, need to occur.

So consider:

  • You want to accelerate your career. Are you nervous about approaching a busy, high-level mentor?
  • Someone on your team is engaging in problematic behavior. Do you want them to change, while feeling positive about their growth?
  • You have a suggestion for a peer. Are you worried you’ll inadvertently hurt their feelings?

Managing Tough Conversations in Three Simple Steps: The ImprovEdge Everyday Coaching Model can help in all of these circumstances and more. The kit provides a complete guide to effective conversations, worksheets to prepare for tough conversations, and worksheets to guide your conversations. This simple, hands-on tool has been used by managers, employees and high-level leaders not only with their own people, but even with clients. It’s a tool to guide a collaborative conversation that raises awareness and provides support, leading to decisions and actions for positive change.

Price: $45/Kit — Available with Workshop